I'm really a Lizzie

rarely an Elizabeth.

My Story

I’m a contradictory perfectionist who hates to have things too perfect and tends to get obsessive when it comes to my projects and ideas. I have an undying love for faded out linen, white-washed wood and the feel of the New England Coast and Provence.

I love pale blues, greys, white and cream. Bold colours scare me and I struggle with green
(but I’m warming up to both – slowly).

Colour, texture and sounds – music not noise – make my world tick and I create because I have to otherwise my head explodes (it’s not pretty so please keep me busy!).

I Listen

I devote my attention to making sure I know everything I need to know to make your perfect gift.

I Design & Make

Your gift is the most important thing to me and I pour my energy into it.

I Deliver

A range of delivery options are available to get your gift to you or the one you love.

The Way I Work

+44 7884 145256

Lincolnshire, UK


I've worked with


Simple things make me stupidly happy; curling up by a fire, a storm, a field of sunflowers, the written word, getting the giggles.

People are important, love and friendship mandatory and chatting essential (oh and coffee and cake too!).